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Delivery dates are approximate only.  Sometimes factors beyond our direct control, may sometimes result 
in unavoidable delivery delays. Please contact our customer service for delivery information. Please notify modern furniture in advance of difficult delivery access, including staircases, narrow passages or areas of awkward access that may restrict, delay or prevent delivery. 

We reserve the right to change prices, dimensions, design and construction without prior notice. 
Please choose carefully as we do not usually refund or exchange if you change your mind. 

Your new furniture may exhibit different characteristics to the sample of showroom furniture depending on the selected covering and the degree of use. Soft furniture will vary in appearance, characteristics such as creasing and the degree of softness. Colour swatches and samples are to be used as an approximate guide only as leather and fabrics vary in colour and texture.  Leather will exhibit scars, marks and areas of differing density and shade, which are the hallmarks of genuine leather. 

Full payment is required prior to the goods passing to a contract carrier. 

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